Chafunkta Old 504 Porter

Chafunkta Brewing Company, Mandeville, LA

Old 504 is a Coffee and Vanilla infused Robust Porter that uses real Coffee and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans, both imported by two local companies in the “new” 504, Orleans Coffee Exchange and Ronald Reginald’s Vanillas.  Named after the original “old” Louisiana statewide area code, unlike many other porters.  Old 504 is a dark, yet light bodied Porter full of flavor that is enjoyable year round.

-Josh Erickson, Brewmaster

6.0% ABV  

The first time we had the Old 504 was at the brewery in January 2016.  The only other Chafunkta brew we’d had before this was the Kingfish Ale at the New Orleans Beer Festival in Champions Square summer 2015.

This beer is dark as pitch.  It smells like vanilla extract and has both a sweet and bitter coffee flavor.  The sweet taste is early, on the palate, followed by the bitterness on the aftertaste.  This is a very balanced brew.  It is light-bodied and can be enjoyed on the coldest day of winter as well as the height of summer.  Large Marge calls this her favorite Porter to date.

Would we have it again?  YES

Would we buy a 4-pack? YES



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