NOLA Rebirth Pale Ale


NOLA Brewing Company, New Orleans, LA

Rebirth – A word that inspired the return of the Crescent City after devastation, the Grammy Award winning brass band that represents New Orleans and the name of our Citra and Simcoe hopped Pale Ale.  A portion of the profits from this beer goes to The Roots of Music, empowering New Orleans youth while preserving our music heritage.

5.0% ABV    41 IBU

The first time we had NOLA’s Rebirth Pale Ale was on draft at the brewery, around March 2015.  We really enjoyed it and were excited to see it distributed a few months later.  It is available year-round.

It smells of fruit and Citra hops.  The taste is fruity at first, followed by bitterness.  We consider this a very balanced beer.  It is more on the bitter side than fruity, which we prefer.  There is a lingering bitter taste that we attribute to the Simcoe.  The website also lists Bravo and and Cascade hops, but we primarily taste the Citra and Simcoe.

It is golden amber in color with very little head.  Very drinkable and suitable for any time of year.  Very balance with fruit reminiscent of an IPA and a bitter finish.  In addition to our fondness for Rebirth, Father Jack’s father AND good friend also enjoyed this delicious brew.

Would we have it again?  YES

Would we buy a 6-pack? YES



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