First All-Grain Brew: Bottling Day March 26, 2016

March 26 was bottling day for the I’m Not Bitter, I’m Thirsty ESB from John Palmer’s recipe book, Brewing Classic Styles.

We used 1 oz of priming sugar (corn sugar) and got two full cases of brew!

Always start by sanitizing all of your equipment, including the bottling bucket, bottles, and bottle caps.


Measure out your 1 ounce of priming sugar and add it to boiling water.  You will then pour this mixture into your bottling bucket.


Transfer the beer from your fermenter into the bottling bucket.  Make sure to stir afterwards to distribute your sugar solution into the beer.  Our Big Mouth Bubbler has a spigot that allows us to transfer easily from it to the bottling bucket.  Try not to let the gunk at the bottom of the fermenter transfer to your bottling bucket.


Now you are ready to bottle!  Again, make sure your bottles and caps are sanitized.  Insert your bottle filler into the bottle and wait until the beer is just about to hit the top of the bottle lip.  When you remove the bottle filler, there should be an inch to an inch-and-a-half of head space left.  Then you are ready to cap!


Here are our two full cases of beer!  Now these are ready to go into the dark, cool closet to carbonate.  We let this process go for three weeks before we drink the beer.


Make sure to fill your hydrometer as well to get your final gravity reading and for an early toast!


We tasted our brew from the hydrometer and so far it is malty, but bitter at the end, with a bit of sweetness from the sugar we added.  It is rather hazy (we forgot to add Irish Moss to the brew originally) and a dark amber in color.  We can’t wait to taste this brew in three weeks!



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