Southern Prohibition Devil’s Harvest APA

Southern Prohibition Brewing, Hattiesburg, MS

A devilishly dark dry hopped ale.

5.8% ABV

Southern Prohibition’s Devil’s Harvest is golden-amber in color and smells of grapefruit on the nose.  Definitely bitter, but not overly so and balanced well with a touch of fruit.  It has one of Father Jack’s favorite characteristics of a beer: seamless.  That means that the bitterness and fruit are consistent from first impression to aftertaste.  Solid Pale Ale.  Liked it so much that we made the trip to Hattiesburg to visit the brewery.

Sidenote: this beer sparked a discussion: what is the difference between a Pale Ale and an IPA?  Large Marge contends this beer has the bitterness and fruit of an IPA while Father Jack believes that IPAs tend to have more fruit.  Thoughts?

Would we have it again?  Definitely!

Would we get a 6-pack?  You betcha!


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