Chandeleur Freemason Golden Ale

Chandeleur Brewing Company, Gulfport, MS


This cream ale is brewed to be as easy drinking as they come.  A bit of corn and barley in the malt bill give this brew a touch of complexity overshadowed only by its drinkability.  

5.3% ABV

Freemason is golden in color.  Father Jack thinks that Chandeleur’s Freemason Golden Ale has a funky smell like wine from the Loire Valley.  Large Marge smells sweetness.

This is definitely a different beer, kind of a cross between a golden and a cream ale, though it tastes more on the creamy side.  It is sweet all the way through, but not cloying.  There is a slight bitterness in the middle, with citrus notes.

We first tried Chandeleur Brewing at the New Orleans on Tap event in 2015.  We were impressed enough to plan a visit to the brewery and taproom later that year and plan to go back to do a proper review for you guys.

Would we have it again?  It’s not our favorite Chandeleur, but it’s highly drinkable.



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