Chandeleur Lil’ Smack IPA

Chandeleur Brewing Company, Gulfport, MS

A gulf coast India Pale Ale that is brewed for drinking.  A touch of malt and tons of late hops showcase tropical and citrus flavors of American hops.  Not overly bitter, you hold an IPA in your hand that’s all about the good times.

6.5% ABV

Chandeleur’s Lil’ Smack is very citrus-y on the nose.  It is amber in color.  The taste is very light.  There are fruit and bitter flavors, but Lil’ Smack lies more on the bitter end of the spectrum.  It is very balanced and refreshing.  It is a good summer IPA.

*We got the Lil’ Smack on a trip out of town, but we did find Chandeleur’s Freemason Golden Ale here in NOLA, so maybe the Lil’ Smack is also available or will be soon.

Would we have it again?  YES

Would we get a 6 pk?  YES (because we already did!)!ourbeers/cdyi


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