Chafunkta VooKaRay IPA

Chafunkta Brewing Company, Mandeville, LA

Voo Ka Ray, or “Vieux Carre” (French Quarter), is a malt forward yet hop-central Imperial IPA that avoids the extra bitterness found in many other IPAs with similar hop levels by using a ‘Late Hopping’ brewing technique, which allows for the flavor and aroma of the hops to shine without overpowering your palate with extreme bitterness.  From homebrewing now to your home, I think you’ll enjoy the first ever Chafunkta brew and my personal favorite – Josh Erickson, Brewmaster

7.5% ABV

Tried this beer twice: hazy amber in color but with one sample having a malty nose the second had a sweet smell.  Tastes sweet.  Not as sweet as Parish Canebrake, but fairly cloying almost like a cola.

Would we have it again?  Nope


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