NOLA 7th Street Wheat

NOLA Brewing Company, New Orleans, LA

Named in honor of the 7th Street Wharf across the street from the brewery, this filtered wheat ale has pounds of fresh lemon basil added after fermentation.  The light citrus taste with a hint of spicy herb on the back helps keep you cool during those hot summer days, which in our town is pretty much all the time.

4.5% ABV

This NOLA offering is golden in color with just a hint of lemon on the nose.  Initially we were afraid that this beer would be overly lemony/basilly, but the wheat is not overwhelmed by lemon or basil.  The touch of lemon is quite subdued and refreshing and the basil adds a nice touch of spice on the aftertaste.  Overall, this is a light and refreshing summer beer.

Would we have it again?  Yes

Would we get a 6-pack?  We would get a Hoegaarden sixer instead


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