Abita Louisiana Spiced Ale

Abita Brewing Company, Abita Springs, LA

In Louisiana, we like spice in our food, our lives and our beer, too.  With hints of celery, paprika, lemonpeel, bay leaves and a pinch of cayenne, this ale has the savory quality of a crawfish boil.  We hopped it with Cascades for a citrus flavor.  Refreshing, crisp and slightly sweet with enough kick to keep the party going.

5.2% ABV

The Louisiana Spiced Ale is a clear amber color.  It smells spicy.  Father Jack thinks it smells like a lager.  Our guest reviewer, Doc Sportello, thinks it smells like skanky crawfish water.

Large Marge doesn’t think it tastes as bad as it smells.  The taste is very light.  Just a couple of degrees above water, really.  We get more carbonation on the tongue than water.  It also has a funky aftertaste – like crawfish water.  Doc Sportello tastes Tony Chachere’s, like a crawfish spread.  Large Marge just doesn’t like the funky aftertaste.

Would we have this again?  No, but Doc Sportello would – he thinks it’s an effective novelty beer and wonders if it would have an audience outside of South Louisiana.

6 pk?  Doc Sportello would!



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