Parish Dr. Hoptagon Black IPA

Parish Brewing Company, Broussard, LA

Parish Dr. Hoptagon is a badass Black IPA.  Pleasantly offensive, this serum is bursting with bitter hops and black roasted malts.  If you prefer weak, yellow beer or rainbow pooping unicorns, put this bottle down and slowly back away.

7.5% ABV

This Black IPA is dark brown in color and has a nose of malt and fruit.  It tastes fine until the burnt aftertaste, much like the Mikkeller Black Mosaic IPA, but not nearly as bad.  The roasted malt aftertaste overpowers the rest of the beer.  Frankly, Large Marge hates this beer while Father Jack is trying to wrap his noggin’ around Black IPAs.  So far we have not had much luck with heavily roasted malts in our IPAs.

Would we have this again?  Nope



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