Chandeleur Coconut Porter

Chandeleur Brewing Company, Gulfport, MS

This brown porter base is loaded with tons of roasted malts giving it a plethora of flavors from coffee to  chocolate to toffee.  Coconut is added to the aging tanks putting a tropical twist on this traditional style.  

5.8% ABV

Chandeleur’s Coconut Porter smells like coffee.  We’ve tried this twice now and both times it had a funky taste to it.  We tried this at the brewery last year and really enjoyed it though, so we’re thinking that something is lost between the tap and the can.  Doc Sportello thinks this brew is just too strange.  This is disappointing, because the Coconut Porter was VERY GOOD at the brewery.

Would we have this again?  At the brewery!

***UPDATE***  January 2017: We tried this beer again and it tasted as good as it did at the brewery.  Coconut flavor meshes well with the chocolate and coffee elements of the Porter. Very refreshing!

Would we have this again?  Yes

Would we get a 6-pack?  Yes


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  1. Lee says:

    Thanks! Sounds enticing but agree that much is often lost in the bottling process.


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