Celis White

Celis Brewing Company, Sratford, CT

When the last brewery to craft Belgian Witbier closed in 1955 brewing apprentice Pierre Celis committed to protecting the 500-year-old style from extinction.  Armed with only his memory of the recipe and the tradition of Belgian brewing, Celis resurrected the witbier style, sharing with the world his idea what beer could be.  In 1992 Pierre brought his expertise from Belgium to America, reaching new audiences and inspiring future craft brewers through Celis beers.

4.8% ABV

Celis White is a hazy golden color.  It has a very light nose with hints of citrus/lemon.  The taste is very light and refreshing, with a bit of citrus.  It is also very smooth, with a very slight hint of bitterness on the tail end.  This is a good summer beer.  Doc Sportello thinks it tastes like water.

Father Jack was first introduced to Celis via a friend of a friend who lives in Austin.  Father Jack made a trip to Texas and wanted to visit the Celis brewery.  However, he got there just a week after it had closed.  Father Jack and his friend spent the day buying up all the 6-packs of Celis they could find around town and spent the remainder of the week gettin’ endrunkened and playing ping pong!

Would we have it again? Yes; Doc Sportello would not though.

6 pk?  Nah.



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