Urban South Charming Wit White Ale

Urban South Brewery, New Orleans, LA

A crisp, smooth-drinking Belgian-style witbier perfect for telling tales, laughing loud and rambling into the night.  

4.9% ABV

Urban South is a hazy white color, kind of hard to describe.

The Charming Wit has a lemon smell, like lemon frosting or lemon cake.  There is not a lot going on on the palate though.  It is very light and doesn’t have a lot of flavor.  It has a bit of lemon.  It tastes very dry – it really coats your mouth and sucks up all the moisture.  In the end, there just isn’t a lot to this brew.

*Update* We visited the Urban South Brewery and discovered that their beers taste much better on site than the do in distribution.  Check out our review of the brewery here.

Would we have it again?  No.  Doc Sportello would though, as he likes the mouth-coating.

6 pk?  Doc Sportello says sure, because he has low standards.



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