Second Line Brewing

433 N Bernadotte St., New Orleans, LA


We went to Second Line Brewing on a Saturday and each had the Pale Ale and the West Coast Style IPA.


The Pale Ale was very good – malty, refreshing, a great example of a pale ale.  The IPA was also great – it definitely was West Coast style, fruity and lots of hops.

We did take a tour that was ad hoc – that is, we asked about a tour and received one.  They do not walk around the brewery advertising a tour.  We were told that the owner is known to give a very long and detailed version of the tour, which we think we would have enjoyed.  Unfortunately, we got a short version, but it wasn’t bad by any means.  We got to see inside their new custom-built cooler and their yeast lab.  We also found out that they will be distributing in most local grocery stores hopefully by the end of this week, so stay tuned for some proper Second Line brew reviews.

Second Line has a large outdoor courtyard and a covered section near the bar.  The bar has seating.  There is no a/c, but there are plenty of fans sets up. Music was prominent but not distracting.  It helped that we went on a rainy day, so we were not overwhelmed by the heat.  They have shirts for sale with their brewery logo in multiple colors.  Advertised a weekly movie night that looked like fun if we lived closer to the brewery.



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