Urban South Holy Roller IPA

Urban South Brewery, New Orleans, LA

Brewed with Mosaic and Citra hops – a bold IPA for all of us caught between best intentions and bad behavior.

6.3% ABV

The Holy Roller IPA is a hazy golden color.  It smells very hoppy.  Lots of Citra hops on the nose.  This tastes VERY bitter – but is consistent all the way through.  Father Jack likes it.  It’s pretty far on the edge of the bitter spectrum.  Doc Sportello thinks this is probably a middle-of-the-road IPA.  Large Marge likes bitter, but this is just a bit too bitter.  She thinks a tad bit of fruit would benefit this beer.  In the end, this is a pretty straightforward IPA.

Would we have it again? SPLIT DECISION

  • Father Jack – yes
  • Doc Sportello – no
  • Large Marge – would rather have the Green Flash West Coast IPA

*Update* We visited the Urban South Brewery and discovered that their beers taste much better on site than the do in distribution.  Check out our review of the brewery here.

Would we get a 6 pk? Father Jack would.



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