Duvel Golden Ale

Duvel Moortgat, Puurs, Belgium

8.5% ABV

Duvel is a clear, light gold color.  It has a Belgian funk nose and tastes light, but full-bodied.  It does not taste like 8.5%.  It’s smooth, but has a bite on the aftertaste that is not bitter.  It is easy to drink, but has an underlying complexity.  It is quite easy to get hammered on Duvel!

While in Belgium one summer Fr. Jack got hooked on Westmalle Tripel.  However, he went into one of his favorite cafes to find they were all out.  The waiter recommended Duvel and Fr. Jack gave it a try.  Liked it so much he had quite a few.  When Fr. Jack tried to stand up an hour or two later he found he could not.  It was at that moment the waiter came over and asked, “Do you know what Duvel means?”  When Fr. Jack replied no, the waiter leaned in and using a husky voice said “the devil!”

Would we have it again? Yes

Would we get a 4pk? Despite our better judgment, yes!



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