Courtyard Brewery

1020 Erato St, New Orleans, LA

We made our second trip to the Courtyard Brewery on a Saturday.  Both visits have been rainy days which meant that lots of people were crammed into the tiny tasting room.  Seating is limited, but the bartender was nice enough to find chairs for all the latecomers.  There is an uncovered outdoor seating area, but it is down a long ramp from the indoor portion.  There is a no-man’s land between the indoor and outdoor portions that is very large and seems wasted as it doesn’t seem to be used as parking.

One of the odd things about the tasting room is that they have beer from other breweries: this is the only time we have come across this at a brewery.   Unfortunately, they were out of many of the Courtyard beers we wanted to try.  We did try their Blonde, Stein’s Shiksa, and two IPAs, Goin’ 2 Rocky’Z and Lonesome Traveler Summer.  These beers were well made and drinkable, but, overall, unremarkable.  This observation was underlined by tasting non-Courtyard beers there and concluding that we preferred the outside offerings.

The tasting room, again, is small and, even though it was not that crowded, very loud accoustically.  Music is provided by a phonograph and an extensive vinyl collection.  Patrons pick records and play them at their discretion: the music is fine but does contribute to the din of the room.



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