Biloxi Brewing Black Gold Foreign Extra Stout

Brewed and bottled by Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company, Kiln, MS, for Biloxi Brewing Company, Biloxi MS

Black Gold is our award-winning beer based on extra stouts historically brewed in Ireland which traditionally boasted higher alcohol and hopping rates, enabling it to keep for long sea voyages to British colonies throughout the world.  Featuring the unmistakable deep-dark color and roasted malt flavors you’d expect in a stout, Black Gold, with its crisp yet restrained bitterness, rewards the drinker with the velvety smooth sensation on the palate.

7.1% ABV

Black Gold is a very dark brown color.  On the nose, it doesn’t really smell like a stout.  It smells sweet.  On the tongue, not much is there.  It’s not heavy like a stout.  It’s more like a Black IPA in terms of body.  It’s not sweet, not chocolately, not coffee.  We aren’t sure what it is!  It is a very bland taste, kind of bitter.  If we were blind-tasting, we would say it’s a Black IPA and not a good example of one.

Would we have this again? No


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