Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn NY


Brooklyn Lager is a direct descendent of the pre-Prohibition favorite Vienna lager style, displaying a firm malt center supported by a refreshing bitterness and a floral dry-hopped aroma.  A true American original, its smooth, refreshing and versatile with food.  Whether it is your first craft beer or your hundreth, you’ll find Brooklyn Lager as robust and inviting as ever.

5.2% ABV

Clear amber/orange in color wiht a light malty nose.  Very light and malty on the palate with a bit of a bite on the end.  Very drinkable: good for a tailgate or an accompaniment with a meal.  Refreshing, but not profound.  Our #1 complaint with lagers are that we have never had a proufound lager.

Would we have it again?  Yes

Would we get a 6-pack?  For a tailgate on a hot afternoon…


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