Urban South Brewery

1645 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA

Post-apocalyptic surroundings: abandoned warehouses, rubbish everywhere, very little signs of life: we would not want to walk around there at night.

Very large but un-airconditioned taproom.  Read hot as balls for most of the year.  A lot of picnic tables.  Distributed beers on tap plus three extra as well as a lemonade for the childrens and/or designated drivers.  Also children’s  play area and juice boxes for the lil’ tykes.  Music and a big screen which we assume is used for a movie night.  That’s pretty much it.

A sampler of four beers was $10.  We got the Delta Momma Citra Lager, DM #1, Charming Wit and Holy Roller IPA.  The Citra Momma and Charming Wit tasted better at the brewery then they did out of the can.  Holy Roller tasted a bit less bitter than the canned version, but still very tasty according to Father Jack.

After a long death march to the brewery it just was not cool enough to stay there for a full pint or two.  We plan to go back once the weather cools off.



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