Mudbug Intracoastal IPA

Mudbug Brewery LLC, Thibodaux, LA


Our crisp IPA honors the great gulf waterway that winds across all of Cajun Country and links industries from Texas to Florida.  That’s a lot of hard working taste buds en route.  Ones that could use a balance of citrus flavors and hoppy bitterness without the bite.  So, we brewed the perfect Cajun companion.

5.7% ABV

Hazy amber in color with a nose of Citra hops, but not as strong as Urban South Delta Momma or Lagunitas beers.  This IPA is on the fruity end of the spectrum.  There is a touch of bitterness on the aftertaste.  Residual sweetness lasts into the aftertaste as well.  Not a bad IPA, but we think this needs a little more malt or bitterness to balance out the fruit.

Would we have it again?  No



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