Brooklyn 1/2 Ale Session Saison

Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn NY

We love all kinds of farmhouse ales.  But the original farmhouse ales weren’t big beers – they were beers you could drink while working in the hot sun all day.  Our 1/2 Ale reaches back to that tradition – it’s a dry, hoppy, citrusy, and delicious saison all at 3.4% ABV.  In fact, you CAN have everything.

3.4% ABV

Golden color and smells like a saison brew: candied fruit nose.  On the palate it is light and fizzy like a soda.  It is fruity and refreshing and would make a good summer beer.  Father Jack is intrigued by the 1/2 Ale and wants to try other saison beers.

** Currently not available in the New Orleans market: we got a bottle in Atlanta, GA

Would we have it again?  To compare it to Belgian Saisons

Would we get a 6-pack?  For a hot summer day


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