Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale

Brooklyn Brewery, Utica, NY


In the 18th century, colonial Americans brewed wonderful and interesting ales using local ingredients.  Barley was the principle ingridient, but pumpkins were favored by brewers for their rich, spicy flavors, which melded perfectly with malted barley.  Post Road brings you a delicious rendition of this traditional American classic.

5% ABV

Clear orange/amber in color with a nose of malt with a light dusting of allspice.  This beer does not taste like any other pumpkin ales we have tried: no spice and a touch of bitterness on the tail end.  If we were to blind taste this beer we would not have guessed it was a pumpkin ale.  There is a hint of allspice and sweetness, but the bitterness is well meshed with those elements.  Also, the Brooklyn Oktoberfest did not taste like the other Oktoberfest beers we tried.  Ditto for their Lager and 1/2 Ale.  Brooklyn definitely seems to go their own way when it comes to beer style.

Would we have it again?  Nah…


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