Boddingtons Pub Ale

Inbev UK Ltd, Luton, UK

Since 1778 when it was first brewed at the Strangeways Brewery in Manchester, Boddingtons has been renowned as a unique, pale-gold ale.  In English pubs, Boddingtons is served using the traditional hand pulled method which mixes air with the ale as it pours, producing a distinctve creamy head and smooth body, with little gassiness.

Clear amber in color with a malty  nose.  Tastes like a creamy malt: incredibly smooth and drinkable.  Aftertaste is clean with the maltiness consistent throughout the palate with a touch of hop bitterness halfway through.  We could drink this all day and was Large Marge’s first real beer love!

Would we have it again?  Yes

Would we get a 4-pack?  Yes

.4.7% ABV


One Comment Add yours

  1. Tenbus says:

    Really enjoyed this even more on draught, which I think is only in the UK. Most famous Mancunian beer out there and it’s no longer made in Manchester!


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