Anchor Porter

Anchor Brewing Company, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco’s famous Anchor Porter brand is made in one of the smallest and most traditonal breweries in the world by the brewers of Anchor Steam beer.  Our old-fashioned Porter is virtually handmade, with an exceptional respect for the ancient art of brewing.  We use 100% malted barley; generous amounts of fresh, whole hops; entirely natural carbonation; and a simple, natural brewing process that is like no other in the world.  The deep black color; the thick, creamy head; and the intensely rich flavor of Anchor Porter, made in San Francisco since 1972, have earned this delicous and unique brew a worldwide reputation for outstanding quality.  It is aesthetically pleasing and wholly superior in every respect.

5.6% ABV

Black with a nose of coffee rather than chocolate.  Sweet up front and bitter on the back end.  Balanced and seamless.  Very drinkable.  Another good selection from Anchor.

Would we have it again?  Split decision: Father Jack: Yes, Large Marge: No

Would Father Jack get a 6-pack?  Nope…


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