Bell’s Winter White Ale

Bell’s Brewery, Comstock, MI


Bell’s Winter White Ale is a bright alternative to dark and heavy winter seasonal beers.  This stylish and refreshing wheat ale is fermented with Belgian yeast, yielding a mix of clove and fruity aromas without the use of any spices.  An ideal beer for embracing winter.

5% ABV

Hazy gold in color with a light wheaty nose.  Does not taste like a Belgian White as we expected.  Spicy despite the fact that they did not add spices.  Reminds us of a Tripel.  Father Jack picks up a slight vegetal aftertaste, but it is not off putting.  For Large Marge this is a good low ABV alternative to New Belgium Tripel.

Would we have it again?  Split decision: Father Jack: No, Large Marge: Yes

Would Large Marge get a 6-pack?  Nah…


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