Wayward Owl Brewery

3940 Thalia St, New Orleans, LA

Located in the former Gem Theater which retains it’s fascade.  The interior is one big room with varnished picnic tables, leather couches, movie theater seats complete with cupholders and bar seating.  Air conditioned and more open than either NOLA or 40 Arpent; Urban South is also open, but not air conditioned.  Plenty of seating for large or small groups.  Piped in music, table shuffleboard and cornhole games.  Aucoustics were a bit echoey.  No tours available, but you can see all the brewing equipment from the bar.  These include five fermenters, brite tanks and a brew kettle.  We got a flight of four beers for $6.00 and were able to sample the fifth beer gratis.  16 oz. pints were $6.00 and they also offered CrOWLers, an aluminum can variation on a growler.

On tap they had:

Family Tree Kristallweissen: Our sample: light, refreshing and pleasantly drinkable.  Malty/wheaty.  Large Marge preferred it more than Fr. Jack.  Available in cans in NO: read our review here.

Clean Slate IPA: Our favored IPA over the Shoop.  Strong yet seamless combination of fruit and bitterness.  Elements meshed well. Smooth and drinkable.  We both got a pint after the flight.  Available in cans in NO: read our review here.

Tawny Twit EPB (English Pale Bitter): We were expecting something like an ESB (Extra Special Bitter) and we were disappointed with this offering.  Very bitter.  Overwhelmed all the other elements.  Not what we were looking for.

Scops Scotch Ale: We have had quite a few Scotch Ales before and this one did not quite live up to our expectations.  Not terrible, but not the best.  Reminded us of a very light Porter: vanilla and dark malt notes without the Scotch Ale bitterness.

Shoop Citrus IPA: We expected to taste a lot of Citra hops but did not.  Lighter and fruitier than the Clean Slate.  Fr. Jack got a pint after the flight and it was smooth and drinkable.  Not as much flavor or complexity as the Clean Slate.

A nitro version of their Scotch Ale was out but we were unable to sample it the day we went.

Final thoughts: the best tap room in New Orleans that we have visited.  We are planning to go back as soon as we can!




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