Eighth All-Grain Brew: Scottish Heavy 70/-

A beautiful “fall day” (temperature in 80’s with low humidity) in New Orleans beckons for a brew day.  We chose Scottish Heavy 70/- from Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer.  We brewed the Scottish Light 60/- this summer and we really enjoyed it as a summer beer: light, fruity and eminently drinkable!  We are hoping that the 70/- version will make a good fall beer, when fall actually shows up to stay.

The mash temperature for this beer is 158 degrees.  This is the highest we have done thus far.  We heated the strike water to 168 degrees and preheated the mash tun with two kettles of boiling water before adding the grain.  The mash water fell to 161 degrees at the start of the mash and was approximately 158 by the end of the hour mash.  We heated the sparge water to 180 degrees and it was 160 by the time we sparged.  We could really use a hot liquor tank!

We kept a close watch on the boil to avoid the drop in temperature that we had the previous brew.  The only problem we encountered in the cooling and transfer process was the spigot on our kettle clogged as we were transferring the wort to the fermenter.  It clogged towards the end of the transfer so we hope we did not waste too much wort.


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