Mardi Gras Beers

When you are out at Mardi Gras parades for hours on end, you want a low ABV, easy drinkin’ brew to see you through.  For the past 2 Mardi Gras’s we have brewed an English Mild (2017) and an ESB (2016).  Of course, we also purchase beers to drink on the route.  Some brews we recommend are:

*Anything between 4-5% ABV*

  • Sweetwater 420
  • Anchor Steam
  • Goose Honker’s Ale
  • Dale’s Pale Ale
  • Red Hook ESB
  • Southern Prohibition Jack the Sipper
  • Second Line Batture Blonde
  • Gnarly Barley Catahoula Common

Basically, you don’t want a high ABV beer.  You’ll get too buzzed/drunk and the parades just aren’t as fun at that point.

On another note, Large Marge can vouch that Galactica IPA from Clown Shoes is another bad choice for Mardi Gras.  Galactica is an 8% Double IPA.  Large Marge did not check the ABV before purchasing this for Mardi Gras one year.  Let’s just say, the parade went by in a blur and it seemed like she fell down a lot while trying to catch beads and throws.

So finally, we’ll add again – the goal is to PACE YOURSELF.  Have a great Mardi Gras, folks!


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  1. Matthew Scalo says:

    Questions for Jack or Marge – have you been able to trade quality beers for quality beads on the parade route? Have you ever, ever dropped your beer trying to snag a good set of beads? Have you ever witnessed mothers belittle their young sons for not winning their share of plastic swag?



    1. Great questions, Matthew! Marge here! We have never tried trading quality beer for quality beads on the route. One reason is that, sadly, we don’t think most of those around us would know a quality beer if it hit them in the side of the face from a parade float. Most of the parade goers we see are drinking Bud Light or Heineken. And yes, last night in fact, Father Jack dropped his beer trying to snag some swag! I laughed and offered to pour him another. It was for a good cause. And yes, we have indeed witnessed mothers belittle their young sons for not winning their share of plastic swag. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard a whiny 8 yr old in a sequined fedora moan about not catching a cheap stuffed animal until his drunk mother (on a step ladder) berates him for 5 minutes straight in front of a silent crowd that he should man up. Mardi Gras is fun times!


      1. Matthew Scalo says:

        Much appreciated, Marge. A real shame about Father Jack dropping a beer…we are getting older and the reflexes aren’t what they used to be. Best of luck with Muses (my favorite krewe) and hopefully the crowds are down from last year. I can still hear that lady giving her son a complex…


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