Finch’s Sungasm Belgian Style Pale Ale

Finch’s Beer Co, Chicago, IL


Some say you can’t really describe Sungasm, but we’ll try: Sungasm is the taste of a distant place.  Tropical hops mingle with fruity Belgian yeast to lend a pleasing aroma and flavor to it’s light, sessionable body.  Enjoy your Sungasm.

4.5% AVB

Cloudy gold in color with a light, citrus fruit nose.  Very light and not at all fruity.  Bitterness hanging out in the background.  Malty, very smooth and subtle.  Does not taste at all like a Belgian style beer.  We definitely see it as a session ale, but it is nothing special to add the “Belgian” moniker.  Just call it a session ale and have done with it!  Large Marge believes it is false advertising and disappointing to those, like her, who really enjoy the Belgian style.  However, we would both recommend this as a good session ale or a starter beer for a night of tipping back a few pints.  Simple, seamless with some underlying complexity.

Would we have this again?  As a “Belgian” style beer: No, as a session ale, yes


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