Orpheus Lyric Ale Saison

Orpheus Brewing, Atlanta, GA


The beautiful music of Orpheus had power over the living, could move inanimate objects, and even hold sway over the gods.  Lyric Ale is an ode to this profound beauty, which guides everything we do.  We use a blend of hops from three continents and our house saison yeast to strike this harmonic balance of fruit and spice flavors.

6.5% ABV

Lyric Ale is a hazy light gold color.  There is not a strong nose – slightly hoppy and tart.  It is rather subdued for a saison.  It is very light, almost like a pale ale.  It has no end – it is very upfront, but then dies away.  It doesn’t taste bitter, but it isn’t tart either.  There is a hint of fruit at the end.  If we were blind tasting, we wouldn’t know that this was a saison.  We are enjoying it the more we drink it though.

Would we have it again? No.



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