Murphy’s Stout

Murphy’s Brewery, Cork, Ireland

Since 1856, Murphy’s Stout has been brewed in Cork using our authentic recipe.  We pride ourselves in only using the finest natural ingredients of pure pale malt, chocolate malt, roasted barley and hops.  Murphy’s offers you that uniquely smooth, creamy and wonderfully palatable full bodied stout flavour with roasted chocolate and coffee undertones and a “biscuity sweet” pure malt aroma.

4% ABV

Black as pitch with a coffee nose.  However, it does not have a strong coffee taste: only a hint of coffee on the aftertaste.  Very creamy with notes of chocolate like milk chocolate.  Full bodied but not heavy.  A little sweet on the tail end and very refreshing for a stout.

Would we have it again?  Yup

Would we get a 4-pack?  Yes


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