Orpheus Brewery

1440 Dutch Valley Pl, Atlanta, GA

Orpheus Brewery is located in a multi-use building that is just off Piedmont Park.  The tap room was spacious with high ceilings, art adorned white walls and a glass wall that let you look into the brewery.  There was not much seating: benches along the walls and standing tables.  Small horseshoe bar and a separate desk to buy tasting tickets and merch.  It was a bit confusing walking in as it was our (and most other visitors) tendency to go straight to the bar only to be told we had to go to the desk to buy tasting tickets first.  All they would need is a velvet rope to guide you from the door to the desk and then to the bar.

There were ten beers on tap and the samples were generous half pints.  We tried the Atalanta tart plum saison which reminded us more of a sour (see our review here), Calliope Belgian Pale Ale which was interesting, but nothing like our homebrewed Belgian Pale Ale.  Transmigration of Souls Double IPA, and Maenads Tripel.  All the beers were good, but a lot  of them had high ABVs, and the low ABV beers were sours that Large Marge does not particularly enjoy.

The brewery tour was a bit of a disappointment as the basics of brewing were passed over quickly and the lion’s share of the tour was devoted to talking about barrel aging their beers.  While interesting, this was not our cup of tea.

Orpheus is definitely on the big beer trend: they do not make session beers that you can just sit and drink all day.  It would be tough to sample all of their beers without getting sloshed: we recommend having a designated driver or Uber on call.



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