Brooklyn Sorachi Ace

Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, NY


Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is a bright Saison built around the unique flavors of its namesake hop.  The Sorachi Ace hop brings a zesty lemongrass aroma and complex citrus flavors, which we matched up with clean malts and playful Belgian yeast.  Golden, unfiltered and cracklingly dry, Brooklyn Sorachi Ace glows in the glass and pairs wonderfully with seafood, fresh cheeses and more.  Go ahead, pour yourself some sunshine.

7.2% ABV

Hazy gold in color with a light, red fruit (raspberry and strawberry)nose.  This beer tastes of light fruit up front with a peppery finish.  Pepper continues into the aftertaste and lingers.  This is a different beer, and we would prefer if the pepper taste was not so strong and did not linger so much.  As it is, we could not drink a lot of this.

Would we have it again?  No


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