Southern Craft Brewery

14141 Airline Hwy #4J, Baton Rouge, LA

Located in an office park behind a shopping center.  It has a small indoor tasting room with bar seating and outdoor picnic tables.  90’s music played in the background, but it was not intrusive.  The outdoor area the night we went had a vendor selling BBQ, but we are not sure if this is a regular thing.  It did seem crowded the night we went, but that just might be because the venue was so small.

They had five beers on tap: Red Stick Rye, Hyla IPA, Swamp Sting Cream Ale, Pompous Pelican Double IPA and Citreaux Coffee Oatmeal Stout.  Unfortunately they do not do flights of their beer, but they do allow you to sample each one.  All of their beers were good, but the only one we wanted a full pint of was the Hyla IPA.  The Hyla was on the fruity end of the IPA spectrum, but had enough underlying bitterness to keep the beer balanced.  The Red Stick Rye was not “rye-ey” enough for our palates: lacked the kick of a good Rye Ale.  the Swamp Sting was refreshing, but innocuous, while the Double IPA had all the elements of the style, but would not want a full pint at 8.4%.  The Citreaux was interesting as this was our first coffee oatmeal stout.  Frankly, it was just too much.  It would have been fine as an oatmeal OR a coffee stout, but the two elements together just did not jive with us.

The brewery tour was truncated as the tour started outside and we were sitting inside: we joined in late.  Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and was more than happy to answer all of our questions.  It was also nice that the tour was small, about six other people so it was easy to ask questions.



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