Port Orleans Brewing Co.

4124 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA

The taproom is the front third of a large warehouse with large windows looking into the brewery.  Lots of seating: half inside (air conditioned) and half outside overlooking Tchoupitoulas.  Indoors is very spacious with tall ceilings, light and airy.  Booths along the walls and sit-down tables inside and out.  Horseshoe bar with bar seating along the sides of the bar, but not at the front.  Numerous televisions each showing something different and piped in music with mixed genres of New Orleans, 60’s R & B and Michael Jackson, for some reason.

There were six beers on tap, three of which were lagers: Riverfront Lager, a Pilsner and the Zwickelbier.  The other three selections were: Slackwater Brown Ale, a Tea Pale Ale made with Earl Grey and an IPA.  We sampled all six: Riverfront was our preferred lager: very light and easy drinking, similar to Brooklyn Lager.  We each had a pint.  The Pilsner was oddly bitter.  The Zwickelbier, our first of the style as far as we know, just tasted like sweet grain.  The Slackwater tasted like a watered down Porter: the chocolate and coffee flavors coated our mouths and left a weird aftertaste.  The Tea Pale Ale was interesting, but not something we could drink a lot of.  The IPA was very light.  Hoppy, but not enough malt backbone to support it.  We surmise that the brewers wanted to keep the ABV low, which we respect, but the end result turned out unbalanced.  Regardless, we each had a pint of the IPA.

The taproom is also the dining area for Stokehold Restaurant.  The beer menu also has a recommended food pairing for each beer along with other selections such as fish and chips.  This gave the taproom a brunch-place vibe: lots of families coming to have lunch with their children.  We were among the few people who seemed to be there just for the beer.  It feels that this place is a restaurant with an attached brewery rather than a brewery that also happens to have a restaurant, a la NOLA.  Adding to that the food seemed rather pricey: $15 for fish and chips, for example.  In spite of this, the taproom maintains a casual vibe.  We plan to go back to try new beers and the food at some point in the future.





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