Clown Shoes Galactica IPA

Clown Shoes Brewery, Ipswich, MA

8% ABV

Clown Shoes’ Galactica IPA is a hazy amber color.  It has a hoppy  nose, but it is not a very strong smell.  It smells more of citrus than of pine.  The taste is very malty with a bit of bitterness.  The tastes are very complementary and this also does not taste like an 8% brew.  It goes down very smooth.  It has a touch of fruit to it, but it is mostly malt.  There is a bit of an astringent aftertaste, like tannic tea.

Large Marge got this in a 4 pk for Mardi Gras this  year – it is a very good beer, but not for drinking all day at Mardi Gras at that 8%.  No wonder parts of the parades were fuzzy…

This is our favorite from the extensive Clown Shoes collection.

Would we have it again? Yes

Would we get a 4 pk?  Yes


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