Sierra Nevada Beer Camp 2017 Golden IPA

Sierra Nevada Brewing, Chico, CA; Mills River, NC


At Beer Camp, no beer style is off limits, so we jumped at the idea of doing a Golden IPA using wheat malt for a light, dry body and bold American and experimental hops for intense citrus flavor.  The perfect spring seasonal, we invite you to enjoy this year’s Beer Camp encore.  

6.5% ABV

Hazy light gold in color with a light citrus nose.  Subdued palate: all elements were in the background.  Tastes like a light Duvel in the background, so we got the Golden Ale part.  We also get the citrus hops and bitterness of the IPA part.  The two elements mesh well, but we do not particularly enjoy it.  We do enjoy it on an academic level: “what would an American IPA mixed with a Belgian Golden Ale taste like?”

Would we have it again?  No


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  1. Tenbus says:

    Wow, you guys are tough!


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