Cambridge Remain in Light Hoppy Pilsner

Cambridge Brewing Company, Cambridge, MA


Criticized for thirty years by the craft brewing industry as the epitome of evil, and the very reason for our revolution, American lager now comes with true craft perspective.  Hoppy pilsener is back with full malty flavor, loads of hop character and clean, crisp, refreshing drinkability.  Whether you just finished mowing the lawn (really!) or you’re diggin’ your favorite band, this is not the same as it ever was!  

5% ABV

Hazy gold in color with a nose similar to other Cambridge beers, but fruitier.  Also fruity on the palate.  Reminds us of a very light bodied pale ale.  We would never have guessed this was a lager if blind tasting.  Very drinkable.

Would we have it again?  Split decision: Father Jack: No (at 5% he would rather have a Scottish Ale); Large Marge: Yes

Would Large Marge get a 6-pack?  Nah…


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