Monday Night Super Nerd Imperial Pilsner

Monday Night Brewing, Atlanta, GA


Super Nerd is a variation on our Nerd Alert with more malt, more lagering, and more throat punch. By day, mild-mannered Super Nerd pretends to be refreshing and crisp, with the perfect balance between sweet malt and hop bite.

By night, Super Nerd taps into his secret powers: dodging bullies, standing awkwardly on the sidelines of dances, and playing the tuba. Drink up – it just might save the world.

7.5% ABV

Super Nerd is hazy gold and smells like a pilsner.  It has a light, clean nose.  The bitterness hits you in the face.  Then there is some malt and some sweetness.  We couldn’t drink a lot of this.  We’ve never had an Imperial Pilsner before, so we aren’t sure if this is a true style or how it compares to others, if they exist.  This would go well with spicy food, but we couldn’t drink a lot of this.

Would we have it again? Sure, especially with spicy food like Mexican or Indian

Would we get a 6 pack? No


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