Palm Special Belgian Ale

Palm Belgian Craft Brewery, Steenhuffel, Belgium


Palm was originally brewed at the beginning of the 20th century as a new style of craft ale.  This ‘speciale Belge’ has the taste complexity of an ale brewed to be refreshing like pilsner or lager.  It is Palm’s perfect balance of flavour and approachability that makes it Belgium’s number one craft ale.

5.2% ABV

Palm is very easy to drink.  It is light and malty; amber in color.  It has that peculiar Belgian smell to it that is hard to describe, but is common to Belgian styles.  It is not very hoppy or bitter.  It tastes a bit of fruit and has a slight sweetness at the end.  This is a very typical Belgian beer.

Father Jack – talk about time in Belgium.

Large Marge thinks that this is a very accessible Belgian beer.  It was a bit of a long road for me to come to like Belgian beers.  The first few times I tried them, the characteristic smell and style was a bit off-putting.  Belgians can come across as very strong at times and can taste overpowering compared to American or English-style beers.  Usually, I would sip a Belgian for a while until my taste buds acclimated, then I could drink a lot.  Eventually, I would crave Belgian styles and find them refreshing and light.  Belgians are one of my favorite styles now and it’s hard to find a Belgian that I don’t like.

Would we have it again?  YES

Would we get a 6 pk? YES


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  1. E Tenbus says:

    I remember drinking Palm when I was teaching in the Netherlands. I think that was back in . . .


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