About Us

We are two beer enthusiasts and home brewers currently living in New Orleans, Louisiana.  We are trying to hit all the breweries in our region and give you our honest opinions of tours and tastes.  Our home brewing page is a step-by-step guide of our own process and aims to provide some help to other home brewers who find our blog.

Our beer reviews are not based on letters or numbers.  While we appreciate beer reviews that grade beers in this manner, in our experience buying a beer is more of a dichotomy: you buy it or you do not.  Hence, we chose to make our final decisions regarding beers in much the same way.  Would we have this beer again in the form of a pint at a bar or a single bottle at a store?  And if we would have it again, does it merit investing in an entire 4- or 6-pack of that beer (as we like many beers but could not see ourselves getting a 4- or 6-pack of that beer)?  There is, fortunately, an embarrassment of riches of craft beer available, and the array of choices can be overwhelming.  We hope to be a guide to sort through the vast array of choices and choose what you like amongst the fray!  We are not trying to be mean spirited: if there is a nice way to say that we would not like to get a beer again without saying a variation of “no” please let us know.

Our taste profiles:

Large Marge

Large Marge: I am still a relative newcomer to the world of beer.  I stuck with Bud Lite for a while before being introduced to the first truly great beer I’ve ever tasted – Boddingtons.  From there, I slowly tried other beers from Abita, Rogue, and Red Hook and found tastes that I loved.  I prefer hoppy, bitter beers full of flavor – the greater variety of hops in the beer, the more I seem to like it.  I look for balance between malt and hops.  A little fruit is ok, but generally I am not a huge fan of fruity beers (with the exception of Sweetwater Blue and Lambics) and tend to dislike sweet and sour flavors.

I prefer the following styles:



-American IPAs



Father Jack

Father Jack: My craft beer background dates from my undergrad days of slowly weaning myself off of the typical undergrad fare of Bud, Miller and PBR. The real turning point came studying abroad in London and being introduced to the wonders of Fullers ESB. I had no idea that beer could taste so different from what I had become accustomed to. From that point, I have been on a constant search for the new and the different. What I look for in a beer is balance: malt, hops, and fruitiness, where applicable.

My tastes favor:


  • Bitters
  • ESBs
  • Porters
  • Stouts


  • Tripels
  • Trappist
  • Abbey
  • Golden
  • Pale


  • Pale Ales
  • IPAs
  • Porters
  • Stouts